The Spirit of Aloha

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Of all the wonderful places worldwide, there is no other place like the Hawaiian islands. Now we offer an introduction to the people, places and perfection that is Hawaii.

The Island of Kauai

The northern most and oldest of the island chain has dramatic natural beauty. Outdoor adventures and romantic scenes are everywhere on Kauai. Famous for its beaches, the Coconut Coast and Waimea Canyon known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, visitors marvel a the sheer cliffs of the Napali Coast.

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The Island of Oahu

Known as the gathering pace, Oahu is home to the state capitol, most of the Hawaii's population, and world famous Waikiki beach. Soak up the sun or take a surfing lesson. Here are cultural wonders with modern arts, entertainment and amenities. On the North shore, surfers grab big waves on the legendary North Shore. World War two history, comes alive at the memorials at Pearl Harbor.

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The Island of Molokai

With almost half of its population being of Native Hawaiian ancestry, Molokai is an island that has preserved its connection to the past and its love for the outdoors. Step back in time to the sleepy town of Kaunakakai, view the verdant flora in Halawa Valley, or learn about the works of Saint Damien at Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

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The Island of Lanai

Once known as the pineapple island, Lanai boats luxury getaways, romance and privacy. Without a single traffic light, you can tour rock formations of keahiakawelo, the pine trees of Munro trail, the charm of Lanai village and stay at the opulent resort of Manele Bay or the Lodge at Koele.

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The Island of Maui

Residents of second largest Hawaii island believe they have the best beaches in the entire world, and winter whale watching without equal. Awake early to drive up and catch the sunrise on 10,000 mount Haleakala. Historic Lahaina town has shops and restaurants galore. For adventure, drive the long and winding road to Hana. Island wide there is spectacular scenery and cultural entertainment.

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The Big Island of Hawaii

Namesake for the state, the big Island encompasses 11 of the world's 13 climactic zones. Surprisingly there are snowcapped mountains, black sand beaches, waterfalls, rainforests and botanical gardens. The western Kona side of the island provides constant sun, deep sea fishing and crystal clear water. Hilo on the east side is lush and tropical. Nearby is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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The island of Niihau

Known as the forbidden island, Niihau sites off the western coast of Kauai and has been privately owned since 1864. The only island where the Hawaiian language is spoken by everyone. Off limits to outsiders, even others from Hawaii, lucky visitors can fly over by helicopter, boat by our tours but are not allowed to set foot on shore. Sorry.

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The island of Kahoolawe

The smallest of the eight main volcanic islands and southwest of Maui. Relatively dry, sparsely populated, and once a training ground of US military operations, Kahoolawe is being restored by the State of Hawaii. There island can only be used for native cultural, spiritual or subsistence purposes, and has no permanent inhabitants.

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